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Someone asked us, “What’s a common mistake people make when it comes to glasses?”. While everyone’s situation is different, here’s a few thoughts from our team on things they’ve noticed:

What’s a common mistake or misconception people have when it comes to their glasses?

12794770_766003716832749_1383157232728912667_oThat they have to go black or brown.

People are often afraid of colour when it comes to glasses, but colour is everything! It adds a fantastic twist for guys or is like another dimension of makeup for the ladies – or guys too!

We see a lot of people that buy two pairs – one conservative black/brown pair and one with colour, thinking they’ll rarely wear the colour, but they’ll often come back and tell us that they never wear the conservative one.

While we wish none of us were judged, subliminally, the first thing people notice is your glasses, then your shoes, then your hands. Make a statement and stand out – this is your face! If you’re the type who normally just wears black, brown, and/or blue, you’re the perfect candidate for a pop of colour!

They are too scared that they can’t pull off that pair of really cool glasses.

We’ve been there before – scared to try something different and it’s hard because there’s lots of good, big companies selling to the masses, but you can get caught up in similar designs.

You can worried about being able to try something unique, but we always see other people and think they can do it – but why not you or me? Give it a try – you’ll be amazed at the great feedback you get when you take a risk for something different!

12771505_761075540658900_2658644021200010623_oMaybe one pair can’t do it all?

And we’re not just saying this to sell more glasses! When you have it in your mind that you only get one pair, you typically go too conservative and find a pair that doesn’t actually really compliment your face.

Even if you can only get one pair, go for that one stunning pair! If you’re not excited about your glasses, you won’t want to wear them.

Express your personality. We get a lot of people saying, “Oh, you can wear anything!”, but if they had the courage, they really could, too.

Glasses should be fun and you should be known for your glasses.

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